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How to Manage Your Inventory in a Holiday Retail Season Unlike Any Other

/ 10.27.2020 / News,Operation Educate,Retail Tips and Tricks

Inventory management is set to take a starring role for retailers during the upcoming holiday shopping season. While it’s always important, understanding and managing inventory…

Turn Your Retail Data into a Competitive Advantage

/ 9.28.2020 / Operation Educate,Retail Tips and Tricks

Today’s retailers collect more customer data than ever before. And, while everyone agrees data-based insights are valuable, helping to identify trends, maximize inventory, and drive…

How Smart Retailers Build Ideal Customer Profiles that Drive Sales

/ 7.8.2020 / News,Retail Tips and Tricks,Uncategorized

Chances are you know when a customer is a good fit for your store. Nine times out of ten, you can tell by the questions…

Is Your Customer Loyalty Program Working Hard for Your Business?

/ 3.2.2020 / News

Every customer who walks through your door is not created equal. Experienced retailers can identify a “just-looking” browser from an “on-a-mission-to-buy” shopper within minutes. And,…