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Whether you’re looking to open a new store or grow an existing business, selecting the best POS for retail clothing is a big decision. POSIM is a point-of-sale software designed with retail clothing and accessory stores in mind—designed with features unique to your specific needs.

We’ve created a POS software that empowers fashion retail stores to do more—sell more profitable items, ship more online sales, stock more of the right products, manage more efficiently, market more effectively, and simply grow. More!

Inventory Management

Fashion boutiques change inventory seasonally, often bringing in hundreds—sometimes thousands—of new item SKUs. Our POS system provides a style matrix feature that allows retailers to efficiently manage various styles of one product. This is extremely helpful for retailers who stock shirts that come in various sizes, cut, styles, and colors. Retailers need a POS system that can easily manage complex products with multiple attributes and increase visibility into their inventory. Plus, using sales data, POSIM helps retailers save time by automating the reorder process with an auto-order feature for restocking staple items, ensuring continued sales and happy customers.

posim pos system inventory management

Endless Discounts

Retailers know the way to a shopper’s heart is through a great sale because everyone loves a deal. Our POS software gives retailers the ability to customize discounts in several different ways. Set preferred pricing for special customer types, like 10% off for educators, senior citizens, or military members. Use date-to-date pricing for weekend sales, like Memorial Day, ensuring discounts are only applied within the defined timeline. Set an employee privilege to allow sales clerks to apply manual discounts on-the-spot at the register. Clearout dated inventory with a clearance or red tag sale to create discounts on top of discounts and then you decide whether one-off items should be included in your customized reporting.

posim pos system discounting

Customer Management

One of the best ways to increase sales is by creating loyal and repeat customers. POSIM’s point-of-sale system focuses heavily on customer relationship management by creating customer profiles with custom fields and notes, reporting on best customers, saving purchase history by customer, and integrating with leading email marketing platforms like MailChimp. Plus, retailers have the ability to implement rewards and loyalty programs or membership clubs that are completely customizable.

posim pos system customer management


Managing inventory between a brick and mortar store and an online website can be a headache, but POSIM has developed an integration with Shopify that simplifies and allows retailers to scale their business with ease. With POSIM and Shopify, your inventory stays in-sync with real-time sales data flowing between online and multiple locations—keeping inventory counts, styles, photos, and descriptions updated—without duplicating efforts. And it’s as easy as clicking a “web item” checkbox within your POS system. This action not only displays the item available online, but in-store too. If you don’t want an item listed online, simply remove the check from the “web item” box.

posim pos system shopify ecommerce

Employee Management

Create users, set admin privileges, manage time clock, track sales commissions, and more.

Gift Cards

Sell, track, and redeem customized gift cards in-store and online.

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Returns & Voids

Process returns a number of ways and void same-day transactions on the fly.

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Import Manager

Easily import thousands of items, customs, vendors, and more within minutes.

Secure Payments

Accept cash, checks, credit cards, debit cards, gift cards, mobile payments and more.

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Customized Reporting

Business insight in a snap—view reports like best customer and best and worst selling items.

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Accounting Integrations

Simplify the accounting for your store with an integration to software like Quickbooks.

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Label Designer

Showcase price and info alongside your brand with a branded barcode label for item tags.

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