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Accepted Payment Methods

  • Cash or check
  • Gift cards
  • Credit or debit (integrated processing)
  • Contactless payments (Google Wallet, ApplePay, etc.)
  • Split payments
  • Charge on account
  • Custom payment options

Returns and Voids

Give your sales clerks the ability to process returns a number of ways, including issuing store credit, gift cards or provide refunds by cash or credit. If a customer wishes to make a return the same day – POSIM allows you to void a same-day transaction, rather than processing a return which saves your store money. When an invoice is voided, the original payment is voided—since there is no payment to process, there are no transaction fees.

posim point of sale open retail invoice

Special orders

Don’t have an item in stock? That’s okay, you can special order what you need. Create special orders in your POS system to track, order, receive and sell items that you don’t normally stock in the store.

Layaway orders

Perfect for the customer who can make incremental payments; layaway orders give your store the option to reserve an item for a customer until final payment has been made.

Discount Options

Generate new and repeat business with discounts plus in-store and online promotions. With POSIM point of sale, sales clerks can enter manual discounts at checkout or set up automatic discounts, along with preferred pricing, date-to-date pricing, promotional offers and price codes.

posim point of sale returns voids return invoice

Advanced Tax Options

If your state requires it, we can handle it! Retailers benefit from advanced tax tools in POSIM’s point-of-sale software. Whether specifying tax codes for individual customers, allowing a tax exempt status or viewing reports based on tax breakdowns, POSIM has what you’re looking for.


Sales clerks benefit from adding subtotal lines on an invoice to view the total for a specific group of items. This subtotal feature can be used on an invoice as many times as you’d like.

Balancing Tills

Retailers can view a summary of transactions and payments for individual or all registers. Add event details, view invoice statistics and tax summaries all in one place. To simplify the ending tills process, sales clerks can use a cash counter to count the drawer and they can also print a deposit slip to take to the bank.

posim point of sale manage customer relationships

Helpful Sales Features

Quick Keys

Cut down the time it takes to post a sale with POSIM’s keyboard shortcuts.

Cheat Sheet

Stop looking up popular items at checkout. The cheat sheet is a quick and convenient list, easily found in POSIM, and lists all those popular items.

Customer Search

Quickly look up customers by first or last name, company, phone number or customer identification number.

Customer Notifications

Create a sales notification specific to individual customers that appears on the sales screen when the customer is added to a sales invoice.

View Sales History

Quickly look up customer sales history. Valuable information is available at your fingertips—take advantage of it.

Invoice/Receipt Comments

It’s often useful to add a special comment to a receipt—whether you want the comment on the customer’s copy or the comment to appear only for store use

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