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Our needleart retailers rave about our industry-specific features that simplify day-to-day business needs, build better customer relationships, and increase sales and profits. Contact our team to try out the leading point-of-sale software for the needlearts industry. Do more with the limited time you have by utilizing a point-of-sale system that was built for your business.

Accurately Track Inventory Styles

POSIM’s point-of-sale system offers a style matrix feature that allows retailers to accurately track various styles of one product. This can be especially useful for our retailers who sell items like skeins of yarn in varying shades of one color. For instance, many needleart retailers mix their own dye lots—producing hundreds of variations on one color. With POSIM’s style matrix, you can create a master style card for a particular color or dye lot and then create an unlimited number of dye lot shades within that item. This provides a retailer with the ability to track their inventory with extreme accuracy.

posim needleart pos software styles

Provide the Perfect Upselling Opportunity

Upselling is a quick way to snag additional sales at the register and POSIM has made it even easier. On the invoice window of our point-of-sale software, there is a record for available quantity. By keeping track of that exact available quantity, staff can easily upsell a customer to snag the last skein of yarn for a particular project.

posim needleart pos software upselling

Connecting your Brick-and-Mortar Store to E-Commerce

With a seemingly endless amount of inventory, e-commerce can be a daunting project for many needleart retailers. But POSIM’s point-of-sale system has made connecting your physical location to your e-commerce site so much easier to manage. When you have an alpaca blend yarn in 30 different colors, you’ll want to keep track of the style of product in the various shades. That information is transferred to the website and as a customer views the main product, they can drop-down an option to easily see all 30 different colors—plus the image will change, too. Customers no longer have to go back to the main site and search through individual items.

posim needleart pos software ecommerce

Building, Tracking, and Selling Kits

Customers love project kits and you love them because it’s an easy way to sell multiple items at one time. Building a kit takes time and tracking them can be a pain, but our POS software has streamlined that process just for you. You can now track the time it takes for staff to build a kit, and charge for that time in the cost of the kit as well as tracking the items contained within the kit to reflect accurate inventory counts.

posim needleart pos software kit

Class Management

Setup and manage classes, including selling registration fees and any materials needed.

Recurring Billing

Subscription-based projects are the new rage—easily manage this with recurring billing.

Promotional Discounting

Set promotional pricing for items, including date-to-date discounts.

Customized Reporting

Analyze data in a snap, with reports like best customer and best and worst selling items.

E-Commerce Site

Integrate your in-store data with an online shop by utilizing our Shopify integration.

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Email Marketing

Reach customers quicker and easier by integrating your point of sale with MailChimp.

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Customer Rewards

Reward loyal and repeat customers by creating a membership or rewards program.

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Accounting Interface

Stay on top of your numbers through an accounting integration with options like Quickbooks.

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