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Customer Rewards

Build custom loyalty programs that
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for more.

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Set up a Customer Rewards and Loyalty Program
Within Your Point-of-Sale Software

Reward Customers for Shopping and Generate Repeat Business: Use membership cards during the checkout process to quickly identify customers, track customer purchases and earn loyalty rewards — all within your POS system.

Define Your Rewards Program: As customers shop in the store, they can also earn rewards. Setup reward codes to choose the rate at which rewards are earned. Pick and choose which items are eligible for rewards and identify what the customer will receive upon reaching their reward level.

Redeem Customer Rewards: Once rewards have been set up and activated, the point-of-sale system automatically tracks the rewards earned and notifies the sales clerk when a customer has earned a reward. Customers can be presented a reward at the point of sale or save a reward to use at a later date.

Keep Them Coming Back: Customers can continue to earn and redeem rewards as frequently as they want to. This gives customers an incentive to return to the store for future purchases.

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