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Free Up that Counter Space!

Enhance the shopping experience within your store. With iPOSIM mobile point of sale you can provide superior customer service by giving customers the answer they need without ever leaving their side.

Connect your POS system with the iPOSIM mobile app to extend your reach. Process sales and control inventory from anywhere within your store using this app on your Apple device. This integration makes it simple to process information and use your POS software the way you need to, and on the go!

Quickly Process Sales

Give employees the power to process sales quickly, and efficiently, from anywhere on the floor for a personalized shopping experience. Using our mobile POS app, clerks will gain the ability to complete transactions with the same effectiveness found within POSIM, our full point-of-sale software.

Cut Lines in Half

Busy holiday hours? Crowded open house event? Use iPOSIM as an additional register and reduce customer wait time (and impatient shoppers).

At Your Fingertips

Find existing invoices and customers (or create new entries); easily set discounts and add advanced inventory methods like case lots, bundles, tagalongs and sales prompts.

Get the Sale

Set up a mobile register anywhere and accept a wide-variety of payment types to accommodate customers and close the sale.

Save Big

Finish credit card transactions by capturing a signature and emailing the receipt—saving time and paper in the process!

posim mobile point of sale hardware iPhone

Convenient Inventory Control

Take a walk around your store and perform inventory maintenance on the fly. Scan the shelf tag and the mobile POS app talks to your live POSIM database, providing your staff easy access to secure, detailed information about any product on the sales floor. By using the camera on the mobile device, staff can snap a quick photo of the product and add it directly to the item card.

And don’t worry – your POSIM database remains secure by requiring a username and password to access the data and information.

Maintain Shelves

Perform shelf-maintenance efficiently, without carting around your computer. Simply snap or swap photos, change item count and adjust quantities, edit prices—all with your iPad or iPhone.

Answer with Confidence

“Do you have this shirt in a different size?” Answer shoppers confidently with iPOSIM—find item prices, quantity on hand and items ordered without the need to return to the register.

posim mobile point of sale hardware

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