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Retail Gift Cards

Improve brand recognition with the
#1 most requested gift in the U.S.

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Increase Sales

72% of customers will spend more than the value of their gift card at a retail store

Reloadable Gift Cards

Save annually in printing costs by using rechargeable gift cards in your retail store

Better than Paper

Ditching handwritten paper certificates saves time and adds brand awareness with gift cards

Seamless Integration

Easily sell, redeem, track and check balances on gift cards through your point of sale

Secure and Protected

Gift cards are virtually impossible to forge and don’t require a manager’s authorization

Issue Store Credit

Handle returns by issuing store credits and refunds on gift cards to increase repeat business

Did you know that 93% of consumers purchase or receive a gift card annually? Retail gift cards are an easy marketing tactic that provides instant brand awareness– simply display them at checkout and watch them fly off the counter. With more than $100 billion spent on gift cards each year, it’s a marketing strategy you can’t afford to miss out on.

Don’t be held hostage by your credit card processor.

Consumers spend an average of $213/year on retail gift cards. We want you to have it all. With POSIM’s integrated gift cards, you can breathe a sigh of relief with no monthly fees and no per-transaction fees. Your gift cards simply aren’t tied to your merchant services provider.

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Customized Gift Cards

Enhance the customer experience and encourage brand awareness with a custom-designed card. POSIM offers custom designs for your retail business or works directly with you to create your own gift or membership card design. Users are guaranteed a professional gift card program with your POSIM point-of-sale system.

Our Gift Cards Team is ready to help you design, print and implement your branded gift cards.

Check Out Our Design Specs
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Retail Gift Cards for Multiple Stores

For retailers with multiple locations, our multi-store gift card hosting solution offers centralized gift card management.

In an average retail environment, gift card data is stored within a POS system (and typically within a local database). With multiple locations, gift card data is retained where the original purchase was made – which makes it difficult for someone to redeem a gift card amount at a secondary location. Our multi-store gift card solution solves this problem by passing gift card data to a cloud solution, accessible by all stores in your retail operation.

Customers may purchase, redeem or check a gift card balance at any store location and store owners may run reports to track the trend of gift card purchases and redemptions.

Multi-store Gift Card Pricing

$295 Setup Fee | First Two Locations

$7.50/per location/per month | Charged Annually at $90/yr.

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