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serialized inventory with built-in
service and repair tracking.

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Whether you’re a standalone brick-and-mortar store or you’ve decided to take your sales online with integrated e-commerce, POSIM’s point-of-sale software has you covered. Our fabric and quilt store customers love that we’ve simplified sales and inventory with robust and dynamic features.

Industry Leading POS

POSIM has spent the past 30 years developing point-of-sale systems and for more than 20 of those years we’ve partnered with quilt, fabric and sewing stores from across the country to develop numerous features designed specifically with your industry’s efficiency in mind. We are, without a doubt, the retail technology leader in the fiber and fabric industry and we want you to know why.

posim pos system fabric quilt leading

Take Control of Inventory

Managing the inventory for quilt, fabric, and sewing stores is difficult—there are thousands of SKUs, serialized inventory, and various item styles. Let’s be honest, you need a POS software that is easy to use but has smart features for easy tracking. We’ll help you handle the products and services you sell. Easily add items with the import manager, maintain measurements of fabric like yards, short bolt and fat quarters, and easily track items, including your serialized inventory from the time it’s received to the time it’s sold.

posim pos system fabric quilt inventory

Schedule and Manage Classes

Bolster your retail store as a destination business for the creativity and fresh approach your brand provides. By hosting events and classes you can market your store, build your brand, sell more products, and create loyal and repeat customers in one fell swoop. POSIM provides retailers the ability to create classes, add and track attendance and fees, manage presenters, offer an online calendar for event registration, sell course materials and kits, and communicate with customers regarding the upcoming event.

posim pos system fabric quilt classes

Service & Repair

Many retailers who sell serialized inventory, like sewing machines, often offer service and repair on specific brands or product lines. Streamline your service and repair operation with an advanced POS system—establish a process by customizing work orders, including creating a template to fulfill a work order. By setting a routine for employees to follow and tracking details through your point-of-sale, you can maintain accurate customer records and purchase history, answer specific questions at time of drop off or pick-up, provide detailed notes throughout the process, track the product from start to finish, log parts needed to complete the service or repair, accept deposits, and collect final payments.

Service & Repair
posim pos system fabric quilt sevice

Kit Builder

Pull individual items from your inventory and build a kit to be sold as one product

Accounting Integration

Export data directly into the major accounting suites like Quickbooks, AccountEdge, Sage, or Multledger.

Serialized Inventory

Track each serialized machine from the time they are received to the time they are sold.

Build Customer Relationships

Build customer profiles, set up a rewards program, track purchase history, and more.

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Manage Employees

Track employee time clock, assign privilege levels, and manage sales commissions.

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Recurring Billing (Block of the Month)

Easily manage recurring billing for promotions like “Block of the Month.”

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Lead Tracking

Understand and track where a lead stands at every stage in your sales process.

Key integrations specifically for fabric and quilt shops.

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POSIM integration for Island Batik
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