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Service & Repair

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products you sell.

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Create Loyal and Repeat Customers by Offering Service and Repair at your Retail Store

So many retailers sell items like bicycles, sewing machines, vacuums, cell phones, computers, and more. By offering service and repair on those items, you’ve automatically created a loyal and repeat customer.

Manage Customer Records

POSIM software offers retailers the ability to keep accurate customer records, including contact information and purchase history. With the added ability to customize fields, the possibilities are endless for keeping track of your customer’s details and shopping habits.

Search for Product Information

Quickly look up key information when a customer drops off an item for service and repair. When filling out a work order, our point-of-sale system offers staff the ability to answer important questions: Did they purchase the item from your store or a different retailer? Does the product have a manufacturer’s warranty that we can honor? Has the product been serviced before? This information can be easily searched for and an employee can determine the next steps in the process.

Set a Template

Ensure that your staff is crossing all the t’s and dotting all the i’s by creating an easy-to-use template for filling out a work order and accepting items. Creating a template is yet another user-friendly feature available in POSIM’s point of sale system.

Track Work Order

Know where a product is within the work order process—at all times. With the ability to track what steps have been completed and by whom, staff can inform the customer what is happening and when the service or repair should be completed.

Manage Inventory

If your store needs to use special-ordered products or on-hand items to complete service and repair on a particular work order, you’ll need to ensure your inventory is exact. POSIM’s point-of-sale system allows you to manage your inventory properly while documenting the usage of items and ensuring a customer’s invoice includes the cost of additional materials required for the service or repair.

Buy Back

Selling used or refurbished machines is a big asset for specific retailers who offer service and repair. By keeping detailed notes in your POS system regarding a specific item’s purchase and service history, staff can determine whether it would be a good product for resale.

Manage Time

Track the amount of time that an employee is spending on a work order with POSIM’s Service & Repair feature. By keeping notes throughout the service or repair and analyzing the time spent using our reporting tools, a retailer can set accurate pricing and give realistic turnaround times to customers.

POSIM’s point-of-sale software offers an effective solution for service and repair in your store. Setting up a work order process isn’t always easy, but with the right solution, it can be an efficient way to create a more loyal customer base. Contact our team today to demo our service and repair feature and learn how this solution can streamline your business operation.

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