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Building your online presence doesn’t have to be a headache. With POSIM’s POS software and E-commerce solutions, we make selling online simple–and far less stressful.

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Fully Integrated E-commerce Solutions

Designed specifically with brick-and-mortar stores in mind, our fully-integrated e-commerce solutions provide retailers with the necessary tools to grow their businesses online. By simplifying the launch and ongoing maintenance of a website, our e-commerce solutions give retailers more options to get their products or services to market quickly.

Powerful E-commerce Platform

The POSIM point-of-sale system provides intuitive management tools with robust functionality, including a view of all sales, inventory and customers. Our team has taken into account the varying degrees of financial and technical resources of our diverse client base and has focused on a key integration: Shopify.

One-Click Products

Eliminate the duplication of efforts by adding existing products with one click

Quick Uploads

Products upload in just a matter of minutes to sell items online quickly

Share Inventory

Track, maintain and adjust inventory between your physical store and online site

Customer Focus

Follow customer activity online and in-store with integrated customer insights

Design Your Online Store

Attract customers with an eye-catching, consistent brand and style – whether online or in-store. POSIM’s integration with Shopify provides the freedom to select from various customizable templates making the site unique to your business.

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Simplified Site Launch

Launching a website can be a daunting task. Often the responsibility falls on the retail owner or manager to create and upload items, descriptions, photos, etc. POSIM’s point-of-sale software allows your entire staff to easily create, upload, and modify items.

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Manage Your Inventory

After an online sale, specific information is sent automatically to POSIM. An order invoice is created and associated with the customer —allowing you to easily fulfill the order.

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E-commerce Design & Build Options

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E-commerce Website Builder

With our Shopify e-commerce integration, POSIM gives users the freedom to truly sell online and market the way they need to grow sales strategically. This integration syncs data between POSIM and your Shopify site – keeping inventory, product photos and other details up-to-date without duplicating efforts.


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