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The Best POS
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All Retail Businesses

At POSIM we believe in delivering more. More features, more support, and more solutions to give your retail business the power to grow.

Whether your retail operation is a single brick-and-mortar store, you’re managing online sales, or you have multiple locations, POSIM provides comprehensive and versatile software for a variety of retail business markets.

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Welcome to the possibilities of POSIM – a point-of-sale system with inventory management offering more features to help retailers meet more of their business goals. Watch our video and see what more POSIM can do for your retail business.

Best retail POS system for large or small business

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Run your business – your way

Our retail point of sale software has so many options that allow you to customize your checkout experience. Whether it’s setting permissions to process voids and apply discounts or adding a line of credit to increase your customer’s buying power, POSIM offers more flexibility to adapt to your business.

Offer in-store and online promotions

Grab customer attention and create additional sales avenues with in-store and online promotional offers. Manual and automatic discount options, preferred pricing, date-to-date pricing, price codes, promo offers, and more.

Enhance the shopper experience

Maintain a customer database within your POS software with all the tools you need to enhance the shopper experience and grow sales through targeted customer marketing. Save contact information and custom details, plus purchase history for targeted email marketing with POSIM’s MailChimp integration.

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Accept a variety of payment types

Take payments however your customers want to pay—from standard options like cash, check, credit, debit or gift cards, to EMV chip cards, contactless payments like Apple Pay, batch processing, recurring billing, on-account credit, and more!

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Managing even the most complex inventory

Our retailers have every level of control they need to manage inventory within POSIM’s retail pos software, no matter how many items.

Upload and add items easily

Add thousands of items at once to your retail POS database by uploading a spreadsheet or create items one at a time. Track important product details, like on-hand quantities, retail price, item history, and vendor information, plus record when the item was bought, sold, or transferred.

Manage varying styles of one item

Items often come in several colors, cuts, and sizes, so managing an ever-changing inventory can be difficult. POSIM developed a style matrix to take the hassle out of managing various styles of one product giving retailers unlimited options.

Restock staple items

Automate your reorder process by using our auto-order feature to restock staple items, saving time and ensuring that everyday items will never be out of stock.

Analyze your inventory

Data is everything when you’re running a retail business. POSIM’s reporting provides data at the most granular level—giving retailers the opportunity to analyze business operations and make data-driven decisions. Reports like “best and worst sellers” provide insight into what items are moving quickly and what aren’t moving at all.

Integrated e-commerce

POSIM provides the best POS system for retail stores that want to integrate their brick-and-mortar store with an e-commerce site, including tracking, maintaining, and adjusting inventory.

If you have a problem, we’re here to help. With unmatched assistance at every step, POSIM is proud to prove why we’re considered one of the “best tech support teams” in the business.

Unlimited Payment Options

Endless Inventory Capabilities

Best-in-class Support

POSIM is different.
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