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Quickly Add or Find Customers

Create or look up customers during checkout to keep customer records up to date. Save both time and money by easily importing customer lists into your POS system.

Track Customer Data

POSIM provides tons of possibilities for successful customer relationship management, including the tracking of the essential fields like customer name, address, phone number and email address.

Really Know Your Customers

Enhance your customer cards with an array of data including sales history, preferred pricing lists, customer rewards, discount levels and so much more.

All The Little Details: In order to grow properly, stores need to know details like when a customer made their last purchase, when they were originally added, what their year-to-date purchases are and the last modification to their customer card. With POSIM point-of-sale systems, the search is over—customer summaries are easily accessible and always up to date.

Get The Digits and More: Basic contact information is good, but more detailed information is best. For each customer, staff can snap a photo, list a birth date, track multiple phone numbers and email addresses, customize twelve miscellaneous fields and more.

Extra Customer Fields: Customize data labels on customer records to define and track certain information about your customers. This could be their clothing size, favorite brand, hobby, pet’s name or other information that you want to know about your customers.

Access Sale History: View a real-time history of customer sales. The ability to look up sales history quickly can impact the sales experience in the store, which is why having the information available at your fingertips is important.
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Customer Notifications

Create a sales notification specific to individual customers that will appear when the customer is added to a sales invoice. Any special instructions or notes that the employee needs to know at the time of purchase will appear on the sales screen and the clerk can take action based on what the message indicates.

Email Receipts

Grow your email list and save receipt paper at the same time. With the ability to email your customer receipts directly from your POS software will not only provide time-saving convenience for both the clerk and the customer, but will also grow your store’s email list.

Reward Shoppers

Generate repeat business by providing a rewards program for customers. Define your customer rewards program with our flexible POS software and customer relationship management capabilities. Let your point-of-sale system track rewards earned, redeemed and event setup the ability to notify sales clerks when a customer reaches their reward level.

Customer Marketing

Engage with your customers through proven marketing methods. Create mailing lists and customize email campaigns to keep in touch with shoppers. Email marketing campaigns can be designed to create birthday lists, promote store sales, recognize customers who have bought certain products or spent a particular amount in-store, and so much more.

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