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POSIM’s liquor store POS provides merchants with a trusted business solution to efficiently sell and manage inventory in-store and online. With customized features, POSIM’s point-of-sale software offers outstanding technology for retailers just starting out or established business owners looking to continue growth.

Trust Your Liquor Store POS

Take your wine and liquor sales to the next level by increasing the functionality at your point-of-sale. POSIM lets you run your business the way you need to — use special orders to sell specific items not in stock; take deposits on kegs and other specialty items; track sales clerk data; and receive age verification prompts.

BOGO sale, anyone? Handle sales in your liquor POS the way you want with countless discount options, including manual and automatic discounts, preferred pricing, date-to-date pricing, promotional offers, price codes and more.

Enhance the customer experience with POSIM’s mobile point-of-sale, an app that can be used on Apple devices, like iPads and iPhones. With an iPad POS, your sales team can answer inventory questions and even process sales from anywhere in the store — a real time saver for busy businesses.

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Track More Inventory

Wine and liquor stores have countless SKUs and it can often be a pain to stay on top of products and categories. POSIM offers efficient liquor and wine shop management software with powerful inventory features to help merchants organize and track their stock. Stores can even manage SKUs with multiple UPC codes, case lots, and track alternate units, like wine by the case, half case and single bottle.

Merchants can even categorize by brands, departments and sub-departments, all from within the point-of-sale system — including the ability to customize up to five miscellaneous fields. This helps staff and customers to further identify items by such details as regions, pairings, wine clubs, and more.

POSIM’s liquor POS system provides auto-order options by max stock, reorder point, or by sales history to your preferred vendors, including prompts for minimum order quantities. Speaking of preferred vendors … retailers typically have those vendors that they prefer to purchase items and POSIM helps maintain those good relationships. But, there are often times you need to order an item elsewhere — simply keep track of multiple vendors for an item, including lead times, cost, shipping terms, and more.

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Build Customer Relationships

Really get to know your customers with the ability to track customer details and sales history from within your POS system. Make recommendations specifically tailored to your customers with a quick view of the shoppers’ sales history. This detailed information works well with our email marketing integration, allowing merchants to push customer sales history and details to MailChimp, providing the ability to really reap the benefits of targeted marketing efforts.

Are you looking to build better relationships or get your name out in the community? Host events, like a wine and cheese tasting or a beer festival and encourage customers to visit in-store. Manage these events from within your point-of-sales system and market to specific customers by their profile specific details, with up to 12 customizable fields.

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Better Business Management

POSIM’s liquor store POS system has in-depth and powerful reports that improve a retailer’s bottom line with the data needed to make smart/calculated business decisions. Wine and liquor store retailers often utilize our canned reports, including weekly sales and status; best and worst seller reports; turn ratio; dynamic management; restocking and more. Plus, our define-a-report feature offers the ability to create custom reports for merchants looking to analyze specific data found within their point-of-sale system.

Employee management can be a headache, but POSIM’s powerful point-of-sale software allows for easy staff management, including a built-in time clock feature, employee details and privileges.

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PO Wizard

Restock products based on sales history or reorder point.

Case Lots

Define the case amounts for orders, buy and sell items individually or by the box.

Age Verification

Specify which products sold will prompt to verify the age of customers automatically.

Vendor Integrations

Upload and sell inventory through integrated apps or websites like Drizly, Drync, or Winefetch.

Best Seller Reporting

Track the most popular items in the store by custom variables like sales, price, cost, and more.

Custom Sales Prompt

Assign messages to prompt for specific items at the time of sale.

Import Manager

Import customer and product information seamlessly from a spreadsheet.

Recurring Billing

Increase repeat business with a Wine or Beer of the Month Club and utilize recurring billing.

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Key integrations specifically for liquor stores and wine shops.

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