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POSIM’s MultiSite solution was built to improve franchise productivity, help manage inventory across multiple locations effectively and give retail franchises the data they need to make informed decisions.

Our MultiSite solution simplifies the interaction between franchisee and the corporate entity with a system that not only exceeds today’s technological requirements but is flexible and scalable enough to meet the needs of your growing operation. In addition, MultiSite provides cloud reporting which works with any device, providing a view of store performance for your franchisees on the go.

As a cloud-based management system, POSIM MultiSite facilitates all levels of reporting and management, from each individual franchise to the entire operation. Combined with our point-of-sale software, our users have access to easy-to-use features including inventory management, time clock tracking, and dynamic reporting.

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Cloud Reporting

Our cloud-based reporting tools allow the head office to view critical information for each franchisee—saving administration time by having the details necessary when they need it. Reports provide both corporate and individual franchisees with the data needed to manage retail operations, including powerful reports like sales, on-hand inventory, turn ratios, transaction summaries, and much more.

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Protect Your Investment

Future-proofing your POS investment means taking a look down the road, investing in technology today that can be there for you tomorrow. Growth must be planned for your point-of-sale system, and POSIM’s MultiSite software allows for growth from dozens to hundreds of stores. All with the ability for near real-time franchise management, analysis and trending, and loss prevention. Wherever your business is in the future, POSIM will be there to support your needs.

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Royalty Payments

Our point-of-sale system provides a consistent calculation of net sales across all franchisees. Corporate headquarters can forecast royalty collections throughout the month via sales data as well as gather net sales for all stores on the first day of the month via sales data. The system also reduces fraud by eliminating the under-reporting of sales.

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POSIM MultiSite has multiple layers of security to give you and your franchisees the appropriate protection. Our franchise point-of-sale solution has easy-to-configure security profiles and access roles that ensure both the franchisee and franchisor’s confidential information is protected. POSIM software is compliant with the Payment Application Data Security Standard (PA-DSS).

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Ease of Use

Our point-of-sale system enables franchisees to maintain their unique store-level items and pricing and provides the ability to implement special promotions and product offerings while still operating within franchise system guidelines. Franchisees have the ability to sell products in-store and online, track, share and transfer inventory across all franchise locations, communicate with customers, and automate purchasing.

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From the Top

At the corporate headquarters, franchisors have access to critical store data – providing a key understanding of how your franchise operation is performing. POSIM MultiSite assists franchisors to recognize sales trends, determine franchise fees, and monitor individual store performance.

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