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Connection Window Overview

This article briefly covers the specifics of the connection window in POSIM EVO.


POSIM EVO connects via 2 fields

1. Server Address
2. Database Name

1. Server Address

In order to connect to the store’s database, the Server Address box needs to contain an IP address or hostname that points to the computer where the database is physically stored.

If you are on the server computer, this address should be

If you are on a Client computer, this address should match the IP address of the Server computer. 

To find the IP address of the Server on Windows

1. Go to the server computer and click the Windows icon at the bottom left-hand corner of the screen.
2. Type View your network properties and press enter.

3. In the Network Properties window, under the correct network, the value next to IPv4 address is the Server Address the clients will use to connect!

To find the IP address of the Server Computer on Mac

  1. Go to the server computer and click on the WiFi icon near the clock at the top of the screen.
  2.  From the drop-down menu, select Open Network Preferences.
  3. In the Network Preferences window, select the network being used (ethernet or WiFi) and the IP address will be displayed to the immediate right. 
  4. is a reflexive IP address. It will always point to itself regardless of the router’s assignments. 

2. Database Name

In this field you will specify the name of the database you are attempting to connect to. The default database name is POSIM.

To check what the database name is, you can press the V at the top of the POSIM Navigator from any computer that is currently connected to the live database. The value next to Server DB Name is the name of the database. 

You can also check backups made from the database, as they will start with the name of the database by default.

Common Connection Issues

If the Server Address and Database Name are entered correctly, and you are still unable to connect, there are a couple things to check!

Usually when this occurs, it is because the Server and the Client are on separate networks. POSIM EVO communicates via the local network, so both the client and server will have to be hooked up to the same network. 

Another common issue is Firewall or Antivirus blocking the connection. A way to test if this is causing an issue, is to try turning off the firewall on the server and then connecting from the client. If this allows you to connect when the firewall is down, but not when it is up, give us a call at 800.553.9314 and one of our POSIM Techs can assist in creating an exception.