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Designing Labels

Import label definitions into the POSIM Design Labels feature.

  • Open Inventory·Analyzer.
  • Click the Window menu.
  • Select Design Labels from the drop down menu.
  • On the new screen that has popped up, select No to not view help files.
  • On the POSIM Label Explorer window, you will see the label templates already in the system and available for use. You can now navigate on your Computer to select the label size template that you would like to add changes to by double clicking the desired label.
  • The POSIM Label Designer will appear.
  • You can click on the fields to highlight and adjust/move the fields to better position them on the label.
    • Example: Click on the Barcode Field. Circles will appear, outlining the barcode. Keep the control key pressed down while you use your arrow keys to move the Barcode around on the label.
  • When the desired label is complete, go to File, Save as. Rename your new designed label,and make sure to remove “@” and “Template” from the file name.
  • Exit the Label Designer.
  • Assign the new Label to an item by looking up the Item Card, clicking the Label Code field, and arrow down to select the new label file.
    • Your new label design should be assigned a new label number. Select the number and try to print a label.
      • You may need to adjust the label and try printing a few more time until you get the result you desire.
  • If you would like to assign all your Item Cards the new Label number, you may do so through Define A Report.
    • Back up your database first, then open Define A Report.
    • In the File field, select Items.
    • From the green Available Fields box, select Merchant Lbl and click the >> Copy>> button to place it in the Report field.
    • Click the Add Formula button. SetField([I:Merchant Lbl],45) (note: the 45 is an example – use the label code that has been assigned to your new label.) Click OK.
    • In the Title field type “Update”. Then go to Reports> Send to Print Preview.
    • A warning will appear asking if you want to Update.
    • Click OK.
    • If you click off your item card and then return to it, you should see that the LabelCode has been changed.
    • Exit out of Define A Report.