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Error 1259

When trying to post an invoice, add a card, post an order, or import Item cards, I get the error “Can’t add duplicate key, Error -1259.” The error code -1259 is presented when POSIM tries to create a duplicate key.

Example (1)

When creating Item cards I have an item 1015 currently on file. If I click the “+” button to create a blank Item card, then try to save the new card as Item number 1015, I will get the -1259 error.

To remedy this situation, save the new card with a unique ID.

Note: POSIM treats a blank ID as a unique key. POSIM will not allow you to have multiple blank Item cards with blank IDs. Be sure to assign an Item ID to each card as it is created.

Example (2)

When I click the receive button on a Processed Order, I get the error, “Can’t add duplicate Key, Error-1259.” In this example, POSIM is trying to create a new Receiving Log with an ID equal to that of an existing Receiving Log.

To remedy this situation, in Inventory Client select File>>Preferences>>Automatic Receiving LogID. If Enable Automatic Receiving Log ID is enabled, click the Begin With box and increase the number (generally 3 to 5 numbers will correct the problem, e.g. if the Begin With is 571, advance the number to 575). If Enable Automatic Receiving Log ID is disabled, and you wish to keep it disabled,the error –1259 indicates that you currently have a working Receiving Log with a blank ID. Find the Receiving Log with the blank ID and give it a unique ID.