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Error 39

Error 39 may occur when starting up a POSIM module, posting a sale or purchase order, or pulling a report. Error 39 may be accompanied by a Network Sync error. The following tech tip addresses these errors.

  • Error 39 could come from a corrupted preference. The preferences are located in the POSIM Diamond folder>>POSIM Client>>Client Preferences. You may determine which preference is corrupted by which application you get the error 39 in.
    • If the cause of the error 39 is a corrupted preference, rename the application preference. Launch the application again. A new application preference file will be created. You will need to set up all the preferences settings. (Example: printers, auto number IDs, NowCharge paths etc.)
    • You can also try to rebuild your database. If you need assistance in rebuilding your database, please see tech tip How to Rebuild a Database with a Corrupt File.
    • Possible causes of corruption could be:
      • Power failure or partial blackouts
      • Improper shut down of the machine, i.e. turning off the computer without quitting POSIM and going through the standard Macintosh shutdown procedure.
  • If you get Error 39 with a Network Sync error, this is most likely a problem with your Mac OS software. The only solution so far to help avoid this error is as follows:
    • Do an internet search for “Delayed ACK” and try downloading it to the Intel Mac machines.
    • If you have a Mac Mini as your server, try switching it to a desktop Mac.
    • Run long reports on the server.
  • If the problem persists after trying the solutions above, there is not yet a known solution to resolve it.