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Error “POS/Inv Resume File”

When starting up a POSIM module, the error message “Sorry the program can’t be run because internal operating System error UPOS Resume File” may occur. It is due to an application that could not read the corresponding resume file located in the same Posim Config folder. Corruption in the resume file comes mainly from:

  • Power failure and black-outs
  • Improper shut down of the machine, (i.e. Turning off the computer without quitting POSIM and not going through the standard shutdown procedure.)
  • Viruses
  • Incompatibilities with other software programs

In the case of an error Resume File, the only option is to replace the resume file. Below are names of POSIM programs and their corresponding resume file names:

  • Sales•Point — POSResume
  • Inventory•Analyzer — InvResume
  • Accounts•Receivable — ARResume
  • Utils — UtilsResume

To replace the resume file, find the corresponding resume file:

  • Go to the Posim Folder located on the C:\ Drive.
  • Go to the Posim_Config folder.
  • Highlight the Resume file getting the error and change the name of the file so that the string no longer has the default name. For example, change POSResume to POSResumeOld. (or simply trash the resume file).
  • Open the application. (i.e. Sales•Point, Inventory•Analyzer, etc.) The application will create a new resume file.
  • The user must now re-set the User Controls (for example, invoice numbering in Sales•Point).