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Font Does Not Fit on POSIM Screen

Sometimes a font will not fit on the POSIM screen. This is caused when the screen font used in Windows© is something other than default. The solution is to change the font selection in the Windows© Display Properties window. The procedure is as follows. NOTE: If using Resolution 600 x 800, change to 1024 by 768.

  • Close or minimize all windows so your desktop screen is visible.
  • Right-click an empty area of the screen. A menu will appear.
  • Click “Properties”.
  • Click the “Settings” tab.
  • Change the Screen Resolution Scroll Bar to 1024 by 768 pixels by sliding the bar to the right or left.
  • Click the “Appearance” tab. Ensure that the font size is set to “Normal”.
  • Click “Apply.” You may be asked to restart your computer.
  • The fonts on your POSIM screens should now be a perfect fit.
  • If this has no effect, you need to go into the POSIM Folder located on C:/ drive. Right-click Sales Point.exe (with the yellow cash drawer icon). Click on Properties, then select the Compatibility tab. Make sure all the Display setting are unchecked.