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How to Install the VeriFone Debit PinPad 1000se Driver for Windows

  1. DO NOT plug the device in USB port yet.
  2. Download the driver using the following link. (LINK)
  3. Extract (unzip) the download file.
  4. Double click “install.bat” and it will install the driver.
  5. Power OFF the computer and then plug in the PinPad USB and then turn the computer on. When the computer turns on please wait until the installation completes. (Click Yes or Accept to any pop-ups)
  6. In POSIM go to NAVIGATOR>ADMINISTRATION>General Preferences
  7. Check the box that says “Use PinPad 1000se”
  8. Click Okay

NOTE: To use the PinPad 1000se you must be using PayStream version 4.0.7 or later and processing card through NMA