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Importing Items into Transfers, Purchase Orders, and Invoices

As an alternative to hand-keying a large number of items onto purchase orders, transfers, and invoices, POSIM offers users the ability to directly import spreadsheets containing item information.

To access POSIM’s import tool:

From an invoice, transfer, or purchase order, access the tools menu in the upper-right corner and choose the Import option. This example uses a purchase order, but the same process can be followed for invoices and transfers.

importing to transfers pos and invoices 1

To import a spreadsheet of items with the import tool:

Use the Browse button to select the spreadsheet for import

importing to transfers pos and invoices 2

Map columns by highlighting them in the Source window and selecting the same column in the Destination window. Use the Map button once both are selected.

importing to transfers pos and invoices 3

  1. Highlight the column to be mapped.
  2. Select the Destination column.
  3. Use the Map button to map the column to its destination.
  4. Check the Skip First Line checkbox if the import file has column headers

Once all desired columns have been mapped, use the Import button to import all items onto the purchase order, invoice, or transfer.

importing to transfers pos and invoices 4
Import mapped columns with the Import button

importing to transfers pos and invoices 5
PO with imported values, ready to edit and post.

**Interested in doing more with imports? Check out the Import Manager utility of POSIM here: https://documentation.posim.com/evo#bd9f701c7748e3dd
**Interested in automating your imports? A brief description of how to automate imports can be found here: https://documentation.posim.com/evo#b5c1bb18acf5b692