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Increase the Darkness on the Zebra LP 2824 Plus Label Printer

If your Zebra barcode labels are printing lightly and the darkness setting on the printer needs to be adjusted, perform the following steps:

  1. Check to make sure the printer is turned on and the top cover is closed. Press and hold the feed button down for several seconds. The LED light will begin a sequence of flashes. It will flash once, then twice, then three times, then four times, then five times, and then six times (as shown below).
    *   (One flash)
    **   (Two flashes)
    ***   (Three flashes)
    ****   (Four flashes)
    *****   (Five flashes)
    ******   (Six flashes)
  2. After it flashes six times, let go of the feed button. The printer will print a succession of bar code simulation patterns starting at the minimum darkness (print density/heat) and ending in the printer’s maximum darkness in increments of four (4) using the ZPL darkness setting range values.
  3. Press the Feed button once the pattern is clear and legible and you are finished.
    Do not continue to increase the darkness setting. Bar code line widths may become distorted reducing readability. Note that the printer driver and applications can override this setting.