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Installing Sybase from Folder

This tech tip will walk you through installing Sybase from a download or from inside your POSIM folder.

  • You will need the folders named ASA 6.0.3 and ASA 6.0.4. You can look to see if they are both in the POSIM folder or download and unzip the files from our FTP site.
  • Open the ASA 6.0.3 folder.
    • Double click on the computer icon named SETUP.EXE
  • A Sybase setup screen will appear.
  • On the Welcome screen, click Next.
  • Leave the Choose Destination screen on the default C:\Program files\Sybase (unless you know you would like to choose an alternate location). Click Next.
  • On the Setup Type screen, select “Network server (includes Personal server with SQLRemote)”.
  • On the Select Components screen, click Next.
  • On the Select Program Folder screen, click Next.
  • The service will begin to install.
  • When it is complete, a Server License screen will appear. Your computer name should appear in the Name field. Change the License Seats field from 1 to 99 and move the radio button from Network Seat to Concurrent Seat Model.
  • Click OK. The ASA 6.0.3 setup will be complete.
  • Open up the ASA 6.0.4 folder. The setup icon will look the same as the setup on 6.0.3.
  • Run the Setup in 6.0.4
  • When it asks for the Setup Type, select the Network Server (including Personal server), which is the same as step 6.
  • Finish setup. It is a shorter install than the ASA 6.0.3, but they have similar screens.
  • Once it is complete, Sybase is installed.
  • To install Sybase as a Network Server, see “Sybase as a Server” tech tip on our website.