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iPOSIM System Requirements

iPOSIM Version 15

iOS Software:

  • iOS 10 or greater

iOS Hardware:

  • iPhone 5s or greater
  • iPad 5 or greater

Server Software:

  • POSIM Version 15 or greater, some features require POSIM 16
  • PayStream Version 4.0.10 or greater

POS Hardware:

  • Barcode Scanning
    • Socket Mobile Bluetooth Scanner
  • Credit Card Reading
    • ID Tech iMag Pro – ‘Rev H’
  • Receipt Printer
    • Star TSP 100 USB or LAN (Installed on the iPOSIM Server Computer)

Contact your sales rep for pricing and more information.

1. POSIM needs to be open for iPOSIM to connect.
2. For instructions on how to use iPOSIM click the “?” icon found in the App.
3. iPOSIM is only supported using the same local network that POSIM is on. Click here to view the remote connection options.
4. Camera Barcode Scanning is only supported on devices with an auto-focus camera