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Line Item Discounts “On-the-Fly”

The items are scanned in the working invoice and now you want to mark one item down 15% and two others 20%. How can I do this without a calculator?

Price Codes

If this is something that you do often, this tip is the easy way to do it. Set up price codes so that each of the 8 levels is a specific discount – such as: level 0 = 0%, level 1 = 5%, level 2 = 10%, level 3 =15%, level 4 = 20%, level 5 =25%, level 6 = 30%, level 7 = 40%.

Working Invoice

Simply enter the proper discount level in the “L” column on the working invoice.

Printed Invoice

If you elect to show savings from the user controls/preferences then your invoice may look like this to showing the savings.

Setting Up Price Codes

Find the Price Code Card in POSIM. Leave level zero blank. Level zero is the default level, and when left blank assigns the “Our Retail” price on the invoice. Click on the button for each row to open the formula screen , then complete the discount information for each of the other 7 rows. The example below shows a 10% discount off retail. We have rounded the result up to the nearest dime and then subtracted a penny.

Item Card Set Up

Each item card must have the Simple Price Code ID card that applies typed in the price code section of the item card.

Turn It On

The last step is to turn on the user control/preference. You will find them under the file menu. Find the price code user control/preference and turn it on. You are ready to go.You may want to review the price code section in the manual.

Note: A Price Code Card that is filled out but the Price Code Id is left blank “ “, is an active card,it will link with Item Cards that have a blank in the Price Code Field. That means it is possible to leave all items cards with a blank price code and then create a Price Code card with a blank “ “ Id to implement Price Codes.