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Maintain Items

The need may arise for many records within POSIM to be modified, but it would be tedious to update each record one at a time within the application. A simple alternative would be to utilize the import/export functionality to modify these records.

First, use the ‘Define A Report’ module to export the records you need to change. You will want to format this report as close to the ‘Import File’ order for that record type as you can, and save this report to a .txt file.

Next, open the .txt file within Microsoft Excel. Format each record in the appropriate ‘Import File’ format for the specified record type. Generally, you will be using import formats that start with a ‘C’ (Example, CITM to ‘change’ an Item Card record). You will then need to make any desired modifications to each record at this point.

Once all modifications have been made and formatted to the correct importing format, export this file from Excel into a tab-delimited .txt file on your local machine.

Finally, using the Misc->Import File… Menu option in Inventory Analyzer, select your newly created Import file. This should import each of your modified records into POSIM, hopefully making needed changes happen much quicker than manually modifying each record within the application.