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POSIM Server Migration Checklist

It can occasionally be necessary to move the POSIM server. When doing this it is important to take into consideration all of the server-related software and integrations that may also need to be relocated during the server migration. Tech support has assembled a list and brief overview of software and integrations that are commonly installed on the POSIM server. Since many of them require Tech Support’s direct assistance to relocate and reinstall, it’s highly recommended to consult POSIM Tech Support ahead of time by phone (801.546.1616) or email (support@posim.com) when planning a server migration.

Commonly Installed POSIM Server Software:

  1. Paystream 4
    If POSIM has been integrated with the Paystream 4 credit card processing software, that software and its database are likely installed on the same computer as the POSIM server. When moving the POSIM server it may also be necessary to move Paystream 4 to the new server. If the Paystream 4 server needs to be relocated, contact Tech Support for assistance, as they’ll be needed to assist with moving the database (if credit card tokens are stored) and reapplying the proper API codes.
  1. Multisite
    If POSIM has been set up to use VPN software for integration with multisite services, this VPN software must be uninstalled from the old server and reinstalled on the new server in order to function correctly. Contact Tech Support for assistance with moving multisite VPN software.
  1. E-commerce
    Any e-commerce software that has been set up to link POSIM to a website will need to be relocated along with the  POSIM server. Depending on the circumstances of the server migration, relocating an e-commerce linker may incur an additional fee from Tech Support.
  1. MailChimp or Tailored Response
    If POSIM email Marketing Link integrations are installed and set to run automatically on the server, they will need to be set up again by Tech Support on the new server.
  1. Automatic Backup Utility
    If auto backups are running on the server, the backup utility will need to be reinstalled and set to run automatically on the new server.
  1. Other Integrations
    Any other existing POSIM integrations, such as Drizly and Winefetch, which make use of POSIM’s auto-export feature, will need to be set up on the new server.