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The Privileges function of POSIM allows you to define certain privileges to a group of users. With Privileges, you can define user names and passwords and then deny access to functions and/or entire modules in POSIM.

Setting up Privileges

To set up Privileges, you must be on your server computer. Close POSIM Share and open Supervisor Tools.

  • In the Supervisor Tools toolbar, click File>> Edit Privileges.
    • In the top left corner next to Mode, select the Edit radio button. This will allow changes to be made.
    • The Application box is a drop-down menu that allows you to select which module to set privileges for.
    • The three rectangle boxes are:
      • Users – where you add user’s names and passwords.
      • Groups – where the group names are defined. Example: cashiers,manager, owners.
      • Functions – holds all the functions of the application that can be removed from your groups.
  • Add Groups
    • Click on the New button below the Groups window. A screen for adding a new group will appear.
    • Type a group name in the group field and click OK. Repeat this step for each group.
      • NOTE: Group names cannot be edited once they have been added. If you find that you don’t like a one, you will not be able to edit the group name. Instead, you will simply delete the group and add a new one. (ex. delete Manager and add Supervisor).
  • Add Users
    • Click the New button below the Users window. A screen for adding a new user will appear. Enter a username and password and click OK. The username will be shown in the Users window.
  • Assign Users to Groups.
    • Highlight the group to which you want to add users by clicking the group name in the Groups box. All the usernames not currently included in the group will disappear. Click the Not In Group button below the Users window on the far left. All the user names that are not currently in this group will appear in italics.
    • Click to highlight the user you want to add to the group. Click the Add To Group button below the Users window.
    • To view the users in a group (including the ones just added), click on the In Group button below the Users window.
    • If you assign a user to a group in error, just go into the group, highlighted the User and select the Remove From Group button under the Users box.
  • Assign users to all the groups you need to. You can assign a user to more than one group; however, if you want a user to have privileges to view credit cards, he/she can only be assigned to one group.
    • If you want to see which users are part of each group, click the De-Select button, then click on a group name. The Users window will display the users who are part of the group highlighted.
  • Determine which functions to remove from each group, for each application.
    • All default functions are enabled for every group, except the viewing of credit cards.
      • To give credit card viewing privileges to a group, change the Application to Sales. Select the Group you want to grant this access, then scroll through the Functions box on the right and highlight Not View Cust CC #. The Remove From Group icon under the Functions box will highlight. Click it.
      • To adjust general privileges, select the application you want to edit privileges for from the Application drop down list.
        • Highlight the group you want to edit functions for, and then under the Functions box, highlight the function to be removed and click Remove From Group.
          • Some functions are preceded by an E or a V. The E stands for Edit and the V stands for View.
          • Removing the Run Program function restricts members of the selected group from accessing the application.
          • Removing the Preferences function restricts group members from accessing a module’s preferences.
      • To activate the changes you’ve made to Privileges, check the box next to On at the top right of the screen. Then click the OK button.
        • NOTE: Do not turn privileges on unless you have a password and user group set up that has full access to all the functions and applications. Otherwise, you will get locked out of the system!