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Rebuild Database

There may come many different times where you find that you have some corruption in your database, an error informing you that you will need to rebuild or data is just not looking correct. In these events, we always recommend that you rebuild your database. This operation educates you and will walk you through the steps of completing just such a process. Please note you will need to shut down the POSIM applications running on the other computers. With that in mind, you will not be able to run POSIM while the rebuild is taking place. Also, you must backup your database before beginning. If you’re not sure about the steps required for that, see the associated tech tip that will walk you through those steps.

Rebuilding POSIM Premier Database (Windows)

  • Quit out of all the POSIM applications.
  • Do these next steps if you have multiple computers running POSIM:
    • Go to your server and stop the Sybase service by clicking on Start, choosing Programs, selecting Sybase and choosing Sybase Central from that.
    • Once the Sybase Central is open, please click on the Services folder in the Left Hand Panel.
    • You’ll see the POSIM Service within there. Right-click on it and choose Stop.
    • Now go into Start and choose My Computer.
    • Navigate to your Local Disk (Typically labeled C: Drive)
    • Go to the POSIM Folder
    • Click on the folder titled Utilities. **Note, there is an application called Utils, do not click on it at this time. Make sure you choose the correct folder of Utilities.
    • Run the application call InstallDB.exe.
      • Choose Single User
      • Choose Existing Database
      • Press OK
    • Proceed to the next step
  • Click on Start and choose POSIM, the run the program Utils.
  • Click on File and choose Repair Database.
  • Press Start and the database will begin the Repair stage, you can observe what it does while it’s going through its process. We suggest you get yourself a cup of coffee and a snack to pass the time as we are unable to estimate how long this rebuild will take.
  • Once it’s completed close out of Utils and start your POSIM Programs again.
  • If you run POSIM on multiple computers then you’ll need to put your database into server mode again by following the steps below:
    • Close out of all POSIM programs if you haven’t already.
    • Go back into the Start>POSIM>Utilities and run the InstallDB.exe
      • Choose Server
      • Choose Existing Database
      • Press OK
    • Open Sybase central by going into Start>Sybase>Sybase Central.
    • Open the Services Folder on the Left-Hand column, you’ll then see the POSIM Service appear on the right.
    • Right click on the POSIM Service and choose Start. You may need to click OK when the system prompts you if you’re willing to wait longer for the service to start. This is normal.
    • Once you see the green light on the POSIM Service you’re ready to start your Applications.

You are now ready with your freshly rebuilt database. Of course, if you have any questions, please feel free to contact support and we’ll be happy to answer any questions you may have. Thank you for choosing POSIM.