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Setting a Window to Automatically Open in POSIM

POSIM’s Auto Open feature can be used to set frequently-accessed windows to automatically open for employees when they start up the program. This can be set up on a per-user basis for each employee card in the system. Instructions for setting up the Auto Open feature are outlined below.

  1. From the POSIM Navigator, click on Employee Administration under Administration to enter Employee Setup.
    auto open posim evo windows 1
    Click on Employee Administration
  1. In the Employee Setup window, scroll to or search for the desired employee.
    auto open posim evo windows 2
    Use the scrollbar or search field to find the employee to edit.
  1. Use the Auto Open dropdown menu to specify which POSIM window will open when the employee starts POSIM.
    auto open posim evo windows 3
    Select the window to auto-open from the Auto Open dropdown menu.
  1. The next time this employee starts POSIM, an item card will open automatically.