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Split Labels Wrap Around

Using Split Labels requires a formula to allow descriptions to wrap around. To enable this feature, follow the instructions below.

Note: Applying the Wrap Around function will occupy both Formula 1 and Formula 2 fields.

  • Open Inventory Client and select Misc form the top menu bar.
  • Then select Setup Barcode Formulas.
  • Copy the Formula 1 and Formula 2 text into the proper fields:
    • Click the Formula 1 button
    • Enter Formula 1: If Length([I:Description])>18 then SubStr([I:Description],1,18) else [I:Description]
    • Click Test to make sure there are no problems
    • Click Ok
    • Click the Formula 2 button
    • Enter Formula 2: If Length([I:Description])>18 then SubStr([I:Description],19,18) else ” “
    • Click Test to make sure there are no problems
    • Click Ok
  • Print a split label to check the formula. 18 characters should print on the first line(including spaces). The second line should print an additional 18 characters (including spaces).