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Setting Items to Use Fractional Quantities on the Web

This article will explain how to set up existing items for fractional quantities in POSIM so they display and can be sold in fractional amounts on the web. This is helpful when trying to sell any item that cannot always be sold in whole quantities (yards, pounds, liters, etc.)

  1. POSIM Setup
    The ability to sell items in fractional quantities is based off the quantity decimals field in an item’s category card within POSIM.
    Using Fractional Quantities Tech Tip 1
    Quantity decimals can be set to a maximum of six placeholders in POSIM.
  2. Pushing the item changes to the web
    -Once the desired number of quantity decimals has been specified in POSIM, the linker will need to be run to push the change to the site.
    -After the changes push to the web, this will automatically set any items assigned to that POSIM category card to have “Qty Uses Decimals” set to a value of “Yes” in Magento.
    -These items will be actively tracked in inventory by the decimal as a product is purchased.
    Using Fractional Quantities Tech Tip 2
    Qty Uses Decimals is set to “Yes.”
    Using Fractional Quantities Tech Tip 3
    Item is now being tracked fractionally on the web and in POSIM.