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Our team of trained and knowledgeable retail POS specialists strive to provide the best possible support, from setup to ongoing assistance. We understand that no retail store is created equal, so we seek to address each question as it relates to your particular industry and business. With POSIM Support, you’ll receive the assistance you need combined with the level of courtesy and respect you deserve!


What You’ll Get

Enhancements & Updates

Whether we’re enhancing our software with a never-before-seen feature or performing routine maintenance, you’ll be the first to know. With a support plan, you’ll receive an email notice to download our latest release.

After-hour Support

Retail hours and office hours differ significantly, so we provide support to cover your store when you need it most.

Telephone Support

Hey, we get it – sometimes you just need to talk to someone! We aren’t your typical call center – you’ll speak with our experienced, trained professionals each time you call!

Point of Sale Webinars

Support plan holders may receive access to our previously recorded webinars at no additional cost.

Email Support

Designed to answer non-critical questions, our email support is an easy way to get a question to our POSIM team. With email, our team can do a bit of added research and reply with written documentation and helpful hints!

Point of Sale System Training

Support plan holders can attend periodic training events hosted at the POSIM Headquarters. (Fees may apply)

Remote Support

Download TeamViewer, our remote support software. This allows our POSIM support team to login remotely to your computer–allowing us to view what you’re describing in a live format – we can even take control and provide real time solutions to the issue you’re experiencing.

Popular Questions

+ Where can I download POSIM’s point of sale software?
The current version of POSIM is available for download on our website under Free Trial.
+ How do I know what version of POSIM software I currently use?
Open POSIM’s point of sale system. At the top of the “Navigator,” click on the version icon (V) – it is directly next to the question mark icon (?). Opening the version icon (V) will open a window containing details about the software, including the version of POSIM you currently use.
+ How do I authorize my POSIM software?
A database may be authorized online by opening POSIM and navigating to the General Preferences. Once within the pos system, open the POSIM Navigator and click on General Preferences > Authorization. Click on the “Authorize online” button. If the information listed in the Authorization window matches POSIM’s records, you will receive a message indicating that the authorization was successful. If an online authorization is not successful, please contact POSIM Tech Support at 1.800.553.9314 or email
+ How may I customize my settings and preferences?
POSIM has two preference options: General Preferences and Computer Preferences. Both General Preferences and Computer Preferences are found under the Administration section on the POSIM Navigator. General Preferences are settings that are saved database-wide, such as Sales Tax, Customer ID Numbering and more. Computer Preferences are settings that can be saved to each local machine, such as Receipt, Cash Drawer and more.
+ How do I add a new employee or salesperson?
Open POSIM and on the Navigator open Administration > Employee Administration. Click on the plus (+) button at the top of the card and give the new employee a username in addition to any other details. Assign the employee a password by clicking on the “Change password” button. To make any employee a salesperson, click on the “Is Salesperson” checkbox on the employee card.
+ Where do I edit my company name?
The Company Name may be edited by opening POSIM; on the Navigator open Administration > General Preferences > Company Info. The company billing and shipping addresses may be entered or edited here.
+ How do I connect a client computer to the server?
A client computer uses connection information including an IP address and database name to connect to a database. The database connection screen can be opened by clicking on the green circle within the Navigator. In this window, enter the server’s IP address and database name. If you do not know what your server’s IP address and database name are, you can find it by going to the server computer and clicking on the version icon (V) at the top of the Navigator. Look for the Local IP Address and Server (DB) Database Name listed in this window.
+ What should I do if my receipt printer stops working?
If your receipt printer stops working it may be due to one of the following reasons: the receipt printer is out of paper, the status of the printer is paused or offline, the print queue is held up, or the printer cable connections are not tight or may be bad.
+ Where can I check my credit card processing preferences?
If you are using integrated credit card processing (PayStream or PayStream SI) the settings in POSIM are found by going to by the Navigator, open Administration > General Preferences > PayStream. Enter the IP address of the PayStream server and other relevant information in this window.

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Browse our complete list of software documentation for self-service support. You’ll find detailed instructions on how to use your point-of-sale software, helpful tips & tricks from POSIM professionals along with everything you need to set yourself up for retail success. Our Knowledge Library includes articles on POSIM and Paystream products as well as our legacy POS systems: Diamond and Premier.

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