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posim liquor toolkit q2 2021 cornerstone

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A 6-Pack of Winning Strategies

As consumer behaviors shift, liquor retailers find themselves facing increased competition from large discount chains, big-box retailers, convenience stores, and e-commerce options. Increasing sales and driving growth will rely on differentiated customer services, specialized inventory expertise, and strategic marketing – all while adapting to evolving market demands. 

With the current retail liquor buying trends in mind, here are six point-of-sale (POS) marketing strategies designed to expand customer relationships and drive increased sales.

Make inventory management count.

For liquor stores, inventory management is a balancing act. To achieve the balance – and earn the profits, lean into your POS system’s capabilities.

Optimize the omnichannel advantage.

Offering your customers omnichannel shopping options is fast-becoming essential for brick-and-mortar liquor retailers.

Profile your customers.

The perfect pairing? Convenience plus personalization. When it comes to getting to know customers liquor retailers have a distinct advantage over big-box stores and discount chains.

Start a club.

Liquor retailers and wine merchants are well-positioned to optimize the popularity of subscription services to engage customers and drive sales.

Focus on experiences.

Experience counts with today’s shoppers. Liquor retailers and wine merchants have a range of opportunities to create unique and memorable experiences for customers.

Show off your expertise.

Market and differentiate shopping at your store from a big-box store or grocery chain through expertise and service.