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Start a Wine or Beer of the Month Club

Adding your own subscription box service, like a wine or beer of the month club, to your retail offering increases sales and adds a consistent, predictable revenue stream for your business. POSIM’s point-of-sale software establishes an efficient routine that makes subscription services a reality for liquor, beer, and wine stores. Our software streamlines your efforts and provides invaluable insight into your business data so you can package the right products that customers want and look forward to receiving each month.

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“US online visits to subscription box sites have skyrocketed in the last four years, to roughly 41.7 million visitors monthly.”

– ProShip, Inc. in January 2019.

Effortless Billing

POSIM delivers peace of mind with card data encryption for recurring billing. This allows retailers to charge customers for their subscription purchases in a variety of ways, whether by charging the encrypted card on file, on-account credits, or batch processing.

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Building Boxes

It takes time and money to build a great subscription service—POSIM’s point of sale solution ensures you are compensated for time spent creating a one-of-a-kind customer experience. When it comes time to assemble the box and ship the customer’s package, our features allow users to add shipping fees, services, and even additional products within invoices to ensure labor and any additional costs incurred are included in the final cost.

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Control Your Inventory

As inventory arrives, you can simplify purchasing and receiving by utilizing receiving logs to quickly add new items into inventory. Once an invoice is posted, the items are automatically reduced from inventory—creating a simple and consistent method to accurately track inventory within your subscription service.

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Streamline Vendor Communication

Beer, wine, and spirits retailers speak with vendors on a regular basis, especially when cultivating a specialized subscription box. POSIM provides a straightforward approach to create, manage, and track vendor information within POSIM’s point of sale software. Users can connect vendors with their specific items, adjust quantities, and create purchase orders that can be saved, printed, or emailed directly to the vendor.

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Increase Cashflow

Boost revenue by expanding beyond single transactions and increase customer shopping frequency.

Extend Lifetime Value

Keep your brand in front of potential shoppers and extend the lifetime value of current customers who already frequent your store.

Introduce New Brands

Explore unique products to broaden customer appreciation. This encourages sharing their experience, creating further brand awareness and potential sales.

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Customer Profiles

Create and edit customer profiles with essential information including name, address, email, phone, birth date, and more, as well as the ability to customize up to 12 miscellaneous fields.

Marketing Campaigns

Automatically send customer data and purchase history to the POSIM and MailChimp integration to send targeted email marketing campaigns.

Individualized Shipments

A customer may request additional products to add to their monthly box—POSIM provides features to individualize their invoices and subscription boxes.

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