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Error 3158

Getting error 3158 when launching any POSIM application typically represents communication issues between client and server, caused by mismatched IP addresses.

  • Make sure that POSIM Share is running on the server.
  • From the Server, double click on POSIM Share. The white satellite should be in your dock. The POSIM Database Server box will appear. Write down the Server IP address.
  • Go into your POSIM Diamond folder and open the POSIM Clients folder.
  • Locate POSIM Share Selector and double click on the icon.
  • This will bring up the “Enter Server Name and Port number” box.
  • In the box under Server IP Address, make sure that the numbers located the rematch the numbers from the POSIM Share IP Address on the Server. If it does not match up, you will need to enter the IP Address that was written from the POSIM Share Database Server box.
  • Click OK.
  • Repeat on all other Client computers making sure that in POSIM Share Selector, the IP Address matches up to the Server’s IP address.


If all IP Addresses match the Server, make sure there are no other POSIM Diamond folders. If there are, make sure that the Client is running the same version of POSIM as the Server. If this still does not fix the problem, look into your network. Make sure that all clients can communicate with the server.

If you are a single user (only one computer), you can use the mirror IP address, which is “”. You will put this number into the POSIM Share Selector window (refer to steps 3-5). This will allow the server to connect to itself. If there are multiple computers, this number will only work on the server. All clients must use the IP address found in the POSIM Database Server window.

If the POSIM Database Server window shows an IP address of, this means the network is down or not set up correctly. To test your network, refer to the tech note on Mac networking.

NOTE: You should not have POSIM Share (the white satellite) on each computer – only on the server. POSIM Share hosts the database, which is why it is only necessary to have it on the server computer, which is where the database lives.