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POSIM Preferred Pricing

Preferred pricing is a discount in POSIM that can be applied to a group of items based on a customer or a group of customers.

Single customer preferred pricing

This method is for discounted pricing for individual customers and is set up in the Pref. Pricing tab on the customer’s card in POSIM.

posim evo preferred pricing 1
The preferred pricing tab on a customer card.

Shown under this tab is the customer’s own preferred pricing table. Within this table are four editable fields:

  1. SKU
  2. Quote Price
  3. Margin %
  4. Discount %

Information can be entered into any of these fields and the corresponding information will recalculate. For example, to give a customer a 25% discount on an item, add the item’s SKU and enter 25% into the Discount % field to see the margin and quote price recalculate automatically to match.

posim evo preferred pricing 2

Now that the desired item and discount have been added to the customer card, the customer will receive this special price each time they buy that item.

posim evo preferred pricing 3
Preferred pricing in effect for this customer.

Group preferred pricing

The next type of preferred pricing is group preferred pricing. To set up preferred pricing groups, go to the Preferred Pricing tab in the Pricing section of POSIM’s general preferences.

posim evo preferred pricing 4
Preferred pricing in general preferences.

Groups can be created so that when a customer belongs to a group, they will automatically be given any discount on items that are specified within the group. This is a great feature for wholesale groups or any other scenario where there are multiple people who all need the same items to be discounted.  

To create a new preferred pricing group, click the Add Group button. This will add a blank line beneath the bottommost existing group.

posim evo preferred pricing 5
Click Add Group to add a new preferred pricing group.

To add items to a group in the list, click within the row for the desired list and then click the “>>” button to display the Preferred Pricing Items window.

posim evo preferred pricing 6
Click the “>>” for the desired group to bring up the items window for that group.

Add as many items as needed and apply the desired discounts. Click OK to save when finished.

To add a customer to the group, go to their customer card and select the desired group from the dropdown under the Pref. Pricing tab.

posim evo preferred pricing 7
Select the desired pricing group for this customer from the dropdown menu.

To set a default Preferred Pricing group to which all new customers will be added to automatically, use the dropdown menu in general preferences under the preferred pricing tab.

posim evo preferred pricing 8
Use the dropdown to set a default preferred pricing group.