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Record Keeping

Record Keeping for POSIM Diamond is a tool designed to allow you to track off-site sales and transactions with minimum effort. Simply import the transactions later into your server’s live database. This feature is great for use at trade shows, sidewalk sales, or purchasing/sales away from the store location. Also, if your live server goes down, you can activate Record Keeping, and when you are back in the store, extract the transaction history and import it into the server. No more hand-entering transactions one at a time!

*Note: If using NowCharge or PosimCharge, you will need to enter the credit card transactions through your virtual terminal, unless you have working internet from the location that you are processing from.

  • Make sure the same version of POSIM Diamond has been installed on both the remote computer and your server computer. Also, be sure Diamond has been installed as both a server and a client on the remote. (POSIM Share must be in the POSIM Diamond folder on the remote computer.)
  • Back up your server’s database and take the copy of the backup to the remote computer. (You can do this by using a removable drive, network drive, or CD.)
  • On the remote computer, open the POSIM Diamond folder and click on the POSIM data folder.
  • Open your POSIM Backup folder and copy the POSIM _DB file, then paste it into the POSIM data folder. (If there is already a POSIM_DB in the folder, rename the existing file so that only the new backup is called POSIM_DB)
  • Switch the remote computer to single user mode. (Single user means it is no longer a client, but its own single working server/register.) To do this:
    • Open the POSIM Navigator.
      • In the top menu bar, select File>>POSIM Share Selector.
      • Type a mirror IP address of and click OK.
      • In the POSIM Diamond folder, click on POSIM Share to launch it.
        • It will now be separated from your network server and acting as a single user terminal.
        • Since the database is a copy of your live database, you will only be able to open the POSIM modules up to 40 times before you will need to replace the database again. If you see a screen asking you to authorize the database, simple hit the Run button and the module will open. After 40 usages, you will no longer be able to run the module as a single user unless you get a new copy of the live database.
        • Sales Client: Go to File>> Preferences>> Miscellaneous>> Record Keeping. Choose “Yes” for both questions:
          • “Do you want POSIM to record selected transactions twice?”
          • “Do you want to alert to be displayed if the record file is at least a day old.”
        • Inventory Client: Go to File>> Preferences>> Record Keeping. Choose Yes for both questions:
          • “Do you want POSIM to record selected transactions twice?”
          • “Do you want an alert to be displayed if the record file is at least a day old.”
        • Sales Client: Go to Sales Client>> File>> Preferences>> Invoice>> ID. Change the Prefix on both the Working and Process IDs to something different from what you use in the store. Click OK.
        • Sales Client: Go to Sales Client>>File>>Preferences>> Customer>> ID. Change the Prefix of the Customer ID to be different from what you use in the store. Click OK.
  • Now changes you make to the database will be recorded in an import-ready text file. The text file will be located in the POSIM Diamond folder >> POSIM Data folder and is named POSIM _record.txt.
    • *Note: while using Record Keeping, you will be able to sell gift cards, but you will not be able to redeem gift cards.
  • When you come back to the store, you will need to import the Record Keeping data into your live database. The steps below will walk you through the process:
    • Take a backup of the live database and of the remote Record Keeping computer database.
      • Click on POSIM Share on both computers and select the backup POSIM Database. Select the Desktop as an easy location to find the backups. (Backing up the database is just a precaution.)
      • On your remote Record Keeping computer, open up the backup folder (it should be named POSIMData-year-month-date-time). Make a copy of the POSIM _record.txt document and place it on the live server computer’s Desktop.
      • Place the copy of the POSIM _record.txt document on a removable drive or network drive, or email it to the live server computer and then paste it on the Desktop.
    • Open Inventory Client>> Misc>> Import File.
    • Finder will open. Click on Desktop and then double-click on the POSIM_record.txt.
    • Finder will ask you where you would like to put the error log. Select a location and then click Open.
    • The information will begin to import.
  • When it is finished importing, check your processed invoice and/or orders to verify that they imported into your live database.
  • Go to your remote computer and turn Record Keeping off in Sales Client and Inventory Client. Quit POSIMShare on the remote computer.
  • Go to the POSIM Navigator and click File>> Share Selector.
    • Replace the IP address to the live server IP address.
  • Change the Invoice and PO IDs back, if you wish.
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