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3 Must-Dos as Retailers Prepare for the 2020 Holiday Shopping Season

/ 10.14.2020 / News,Operation Educate,Retail Tips and Tricks

The countdown is on. In an unusual year, retailers are preparing for a holiday shopping season that will look and feel different than past years,…

4 Retail Marketing Strategies that Turn Buyers into Loyal Customers

/ 8.19.2020 / Retail Tips and Tricks

Wise retailers know their best customers are a competitor’s top prospects. That’s one reason why tracking your customer retention rate – and putting retail marketing…

Customer Experience Counts: How to Make Your Store A Destination

/ 6.8.2020 / News,Retail Tips and Tricks,Uncategorized

Hands down, customer experience wins in retail.  Despite predictions, online shopping isn’t replacing face-to-face retail. Instead, technology is transforming customer expectations for in-person shopping experiences.…

The Future is Now: 5 Reasons E-Commerce Matters More than Ever

/ 4.14.2020 / News,Retail Tips and Tricks

There’s no doubt about it. The COVID-19 pandemic is impacting nearly every facet of our lives. And, experts are predicting that some of the behavior…

The Secret to Retail Success? 3 Must-Have Inventory Management Capabilities

/ 2.18.2020 / News

What’s the secret behind building a thriving retail business? A loyal and growing customer base? High-quality products at a price your target customers are willing…