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Retail Tips and Tricks

Take some tips from our point of sale professionals – our purpose is to make retail success a bit easier to attain.

The Top 10 Things Retailers Need to Know about Influencer Marketing

/ 2.21.2022 / Retail Tips and Tricks

Influencer marketing existed well before social media. Early examples include Roman gladiators endorsing products and Wedgewood China cementing its luxury status by making a tea…

How Retailers Are Building Customer Trust

/ 2.3.2022 / Retail Tips and Tricks

Trust is at the core of every strong relationship, including the relationships between retailers and their customers. When retailers focus on building trust, they reap…

5 Physical Inventory Best Practices Retailers Can Count On

/ 1.27.2022 / Retail Tips and Tricks

A good retail inventory management system makes keeping track of the items you have in stock easier. But technology can’t completely replace the need to…

3 Ways Retailers Should Prepare for Gen Z Shoppers

/ 1.13.2022 / Operation Educate,Retail Tips and Tricks

The next generation – Gen Z – is coming of age and gaining purchasing power. And like the generations before them, they have a unique…

How to Create Customer Journey Maps that Drive Retail Sales

/ 12.23.2021 / News,Retail Tips and Tricks

A retail purchase is so much more than a sales transaction. In today’s omnichannel retail environment, a purchase happens in the midst of an ongoing…

Optimize Your Data: The 5 Reports Every Retailer Needs

/ 11.15.2021 / News,Retail Tips and Tricks

The good news: Retail continues to rebound from the pandemic-related slowdown, with the National Retail Federation projecting overall annual retail sales growth between 10.5 and…

What is Omnichannel Inventory Management? And Why It Matters for Retailers

/ 10.30.2021 / News,Retail Tips and Tricks

For retailers, inventory management is business-critical. When it’s done well, shelves are fully stocked, customers find what they’re looking for, and sales growth goals are…

5 Proven Retail Marketing Promotions for the Holidays

/ 10.14.2021 / News,Retail Tips and Tricks

Most retailers have a lot riding on the holiday shopping season. Overall, between October and December, retailers earn 27 percent of their annual revenues. But…

Holiday Shopping Starts Now: A Preparation Checklist for Retailers

/ 9.30.2021 / Retail Tips and Tricks

Last year, 59 percent of consumers started their holiday shopping before Thanksgiving, a nearly 20-point increase over 2019. In 2021, with news about supply chain…

6 Ways Retailers Turn Customer Retention into Growth

/ 9.15.2021 / News,Retail Tips and Tricks

What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you brainstorm ways to grow your retail business? Most growth-focused retailers strategize on how to attract…
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