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We answer all of your questions right here. Choose from guides, eBooks, case studies and more to learn about point of sale, inventory management or keys to building a successful retail business.

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Countdown to the Holidays

Optimize now. Increase later. Consider that 20% of your yearly sales all take place within a six-week period. That’s significant. Shouldn’t your preparation for this time of year be equally significant?

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Data-Driven Decisions

Does data have you feeling overwhelmed? Data can be daunting, dazzling and sometimes both. Turning that data into decisions is how to start seeing the sales you’ve been striving for.

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Easy e-Commerce

Explore the possibilities of e-Commerce with us as we teach you the essentials to get up and running online without breaking the bank.

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Inventory Management Strategy

Improve how your inventory is managed. We've taken a long look at the impact our current economy is having on inventory. You'll hear how businesses should be reacting in the current and coming climate.

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How To Retail

Is your business in the right position to adapt to the evolving retail environment? Gain insight and learn how you can adapt your business to keep customers shopping even if they can't make it to the store.

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Return On Returning Customers

When it comes to business metrics, the strength of your customer retention is a key indicator of your success. Join us as we discuss how to analyze your customer retention rate and offer suggestions to increase your ratio of repeat customers.

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What's Next for Quilt?

Learn from quilt and needleart experts who share their collective knowledge and experience. Get answers to common questions, plus time for Q&A with our panelists along the way.

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