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POSIM is Now a Certified Technology Partner for Magento Point of Sale

In our continued quest to provide a powerhouse omnichannel solution for retailers, POSIM has committed to be a Magento Silver Technology Partner. Becoming a Magneto Certified Partner was an easy decision, actually. Magento is not only the most recognized e-commerce leader, but Magento also has the tools to accommodate a wide variety of retail needs. Along with that, they have a community of developers that provide a remarkable resource to POSIM’s omnichannel clients.

POSIM is committed to providing the most robust Magento point of sale integration in the industry. As such, we have extended Magento’s standard API to include functionality in our Magento point of sale integration. This functionality simply does not exist with other systems. Due to the size of the Magento community and the product’s dynamics, there are quite a few software companies that proclaim a Magento point of sale integration.

There are two types of point of sale systems that work with Magento:

  1. There are the “apps” – they call themselves POS systems, but in reality they are glorified electronic cash registers with a Magento back-end. That is a cool design and an ingenious way to leverage the Magento platform, but by design these products lack the retail power of POS software to effectively manage retail today.
  2. Then there is the healthy point of sale software. Tried and true POS systems that have met the test of time and have the complex capabilities to help retailers compete. In POSIM’s market of small to mid-sized retailers, there are no equivalents to tie a powerful brick-and-mortar solution to the e-commerce platform that is Magento.

POSIM leads the pack. We offer more features, flexibility and power for a retail location while simultaneously allowing e-commerce management through the same POS software. This is the essence of omnichannel retailing and of POSIM.