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5 Email Marketing Basics that Boost Retail Sales

/ 8.4.2020 / News,Operation Educate,Retail Tips and Tricks,Uncategorized

Here’s the bottom line. Email marketing is a practical, effective, and affordable strategy to help today’s retailers strengthen customer relationships and drive sales.  Email marketing…

What Your Customer Retention Rate Tells You About Your Retail Business

/ 7.21.2020 / News,Retail Tips and Tricks,Uncategorized

One of the most effective ways to gauge your retail business’ health is by monitoring your returns. We’re not talking about returned merchandise (although you…

How Smart Retailers Build Ideal Customer Profiles that Drive Sales

/ 7.8.2020 / News,Retail Tips and Tricks,Uncategorized

Chances are you know when a customer is a good fit for your store. Nine times out of ten, you can tell by the questions…

Customer Experience Counts: How to Make Your Store A Destination

/ 6.8.2020 / News,Retail Tips and Tricks,Uncategorized

Hands down, customer experience wins in retail.  Despite predictions, online shopping isn’t replacing face-to-face retail. Instead, technology is transforming customer expectations for in-person shopping experiences.…