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In a competitive retail environment, how do you keep your best customers loyal? Rewards programs have become an industry necessity to entice repeat customers. So, how do you implement this type of program in your store?

POSIM’s rewards feature allows you to track customers and their spending habits. When a customer is a member of a store rewards program, the points accumulate to a reward amount set by store management. Whether the reward system has various levels or items, a loyal customer will see the benefit of shopping at your store.

Setting up the POSIM Rewards Program is simple and easy to implement. Stores have the ability to customize the programs to fit their needs.

Reward structure and limitations:

  • Assign specific reward codes for certain amounts spent or items purchased.
  • Create various levels for customers to strive for within the point structure.
  • Determine limitations for reward codes; ex: if a discount is too high then no reward points awarded.


  • Print reward balances and coupons.
  • Notify the clerk with a message of reward points earned.
  • Run reports on reward point history.

By starting a loyalty program at your retail locations, you have the ability to entice shoppers with reward coupons or incentives. POSIM’s reporting features provides at a glance information for customer reward history. Review shopper’s buying habits and target your customer base with reward incentives.

Redeeming points is as easy earning them – a customer’s points may be redeemed at point of purchase or left to accumulate. And, management has the ability to review and edit points earned by going into the customer card.

To begin your rewards program, purchase membership cards through POSIM. Currently, the month of August is POSIM’s Annual Gift Card Sale – purchase your custom-branded membership or gift card orders by August 31, 2014, and receive up to 15% off.

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