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/ 11.17.2018 / Retail Tips and Tricks

Is an iPad POS System Right for Your Store?

The debate over the utilization of traditional point of sale systems versus an iPad POS System is ongoing. In previous posts, we have outlined POSIM’s view that it is nearly impossible to run a sophisticated retail operation solely from an iPad POS System, for a number of reasons, including:

  1. It lacks the necessary business intelligence required to help retailers make sound decisions
  2. You lose the added features that accomplish many important customer and inventory-related tasks through point of sale software.

POSIM’s thought has been that robust POS software with an iPad as an extension to the main system is a much more beneficial arrangement. POSIM enables the retailer to have the “cool” factor, size, and simplicity of an iPad interface without sacrificing any of the powerful data. But, as with many things in life, there may be two sides to the story. We came up with the top three ways retailers can increase sales by using their iPad POS System.

  1. The customer experience. Customers love to feel important. Standing in a single-file-line to be checked out by traditional POS systems seems a bit pedestrian when compared to the personalized shopping experience they can experience when checked out anywhere in the store. Feeling like a VIP makes shoppers happy.
  2. The “cool factor.” Let’s face it. People don’t camp on sidewalks and dirty city streets because Apple doesn’t produce the coolest technology around. When a customer walks into a store that uses an iPad – their impression changes. They think “relevant,” “modern,” and “now.” (Hopefully they think: “buy now.”)
  3. Line busting. Even stores that run a traditional point of sale system benefit from this phenomenon. Mobile devices are less expensive and typically readily available. Long lines can get busted quickly with an iPad—getting shoppers on their way and sales in the till.

You will have to decide if an iPad POS System is right for you. If you would like our help deciding, please contact POSIM today!

Caleb Shook

Inbound Marketing Manager

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