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Any time you exceed a customer’s expectations, you create a “wow moment.” And it doesn’t have to be a big, over-the-top gesture. More often than not, wow moments are found in thoughtful, sometimes surprising, everyday interactions when a customer’s needs are met – or better yet, anticipated. 

Consistently wowing customers is good for business. Seventy-three percent of shoppers say good customer service encourages them to spend more money, and 57 percent report they are willing to pay more if they know exceptional service is part of the shopping experience. More importantly, wow moments get talked about. Seven in ten consumers say a good customer service experience prompts them to recommend a retailer. 

As you identify ways to deliver more wow moments for your customers, look no further than your point-of-sale (POS) system. Not only is your store’s POS system the engine that delivers the operational efficiencies you need to run and grow your business, but it’s also a powerful generator of wow-worthy customer experiences. Take a look. 

Wow #1: Actionable analytics

From every stock intake and customer interaction through every pricing decision and promotion, your POS captures the details. This wealth of data provides rich customer and business insights. Daily, weekly, and monthly sales reports are a goldmine for spotting trends and making data-driven decisions. And inventory reports provide details that show exactly what’s selling and what’s just sitting on the shelf. When you put it all together, you gain insights into which customers are purchasing which items, seasonal patterns you can optimize, and even the time of day when purchases peak. Are you making the most of the data your POS puts at your fingertips?

posim q1 2021 cornerstone cro customer experience

Wow #2: Personalization power

Today’s consumers crave personalized experiences. Your POS data (see above) makes it possible, starting with the ability to create detailed customer profiles. Of course, profiles include the basics like email address, phone number, and purchase history (both dates and items). But don’t stop there. Capture a customer’s anniversary, sizes, and style preferences. Your POS system should make it easy for your sales team to access the information and create customized memorable shopping experiences. Plus, when your POS is integrated with your e-commerce and marketing, you can extend personalization through customized, “you might also like” suggestions or promotional emails tied to customer birthdays or anniversaries.   

Wow #3: Mobile matters

Personalized experiences are even more powerful when they happen naturally. That means enabling the experiences to happen wherever the customer happens to be. Mobile POS enables in-store sales teams to check inventory on a tablet or mobile device without having to leave a customer’s side. A mobile POS app also gives sales associates access to the customer’s profile so they can seamlessly suggest complementary products based on purchase history and preferences. And, of course, they’re also able to process purchases from anywhere in the store. The convenience plus personalization creates wow moments. 

Wow #4: Essential ease

In today’s always-on, 24/7 world, many people feel time-starved. Retailers can deliver the wow by helping customers increase efficiency and save time. Leverage your POS capabilities in a variety of ways. Offer a range of payment options – cash, credit, contactless, gift cards, and more – so a customer’s preferred option is available. Give customers flexibility with layaway purchasing and incremental payments. And create subscription offers for regular delivery and recurring billing of frequently purchased items.

Wow #5: Agile access

Customers don’t take an either/or approach to shopping. More than ever, they’re mixing online and offline channels as part of their purchase journeys, and they expect retailers to recognize the different interactions and bring it all together for them. That makes having a true omnichannel strategy critical. For example, a customer might start by researching potential purchases online, visit a brick-and-mortar store to view or test the product, and then go back online to complete the purchase or buy additional, complementary products. Your POS system should integrate your online and in-store data, so shopping is seamless for customers, no matter how they engage.

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Wow #6: Engaging experiences 

Shopping shouldn’t be a solely functional task. In fact, buying decisions are largely based on emotions. When retailers focus on connecting with customers and creating memorable experiences, wow moments and sales growth follow. Seventy-four percent of customers base their purchase decisions on experience, which outranks both price and product selection. Tap into your POS system’s capabilities to design promotional events or educational classes – in-person and virtual – that engage customers and showcase your expertise. 

Wow #7: Lasting loyalty

Once you have customers engaged, the focus should immediately shift to retention and loyalty. Customer rewards programs are an effective way to drive additional sales and reward valuable, repeat customers. Eighty-three percent of customers report that participating in a loyalty program makes them more likely to continue shopping with a retailer. And 49 percent acknowledge they spend more after signing up for a store’s rewards program. The best POS systems enable you to design a program with graduating tiers of rewards to keep customers interested. Then, the POS should automatically track the rewards as they’re earned, notifying the sales associate during checkout when customers achieve – or are close to achieving – a reward. 

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Wow #8: Genuine gratitude

Simply sending a post-purchase thank you can reinforce a good customer experience and inspire loyalty. It turns out, in today’s busy and often impersonal world, customers are more likely to shop elsewhere if they think a retailer is indifferent to them. Showing your customers how much you value them can be a big differentiator – and it’s easy to do, especially if you’ve got wows 1 – 7 in place. First, make collecting email addresses part of your customer profiles. Then, send personalized thank-you notes following purchases. The message can be simple – thanking a customer for a purchase and inviting them back to shop again. For new or returning customers, consider including an occasional thank-you discount they can use on their next visit.

Ready to add a little more wow to your business? POSIM is a point-of-sale and inventory management system that’s designed to help retailers create wow-worthy experiences that win new customers and keep existing customers coming back. Discover what’s possible with POSIM. Contact us for a demo today.

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