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An iPad POS That Goes Beyond Just the Looks

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Don’t Settle for Just Any iPad POS

Are you a busy retailer trying to keep up with the Jones’? After merchandising your store, hiring help, maintaining your location, fiddling with e-commerce (plus everything else that occupies your day) — do you wonder what the “x factor” is that actually makes your business money? What actually makes shoppers think, “Wow, this is a cool store!”? If you puzzle over these thoughts, you’re not alone.

One major gadget that has drawn a great deal of attention lately is iPad POS. This gadget has been pursued by select retailers and software developers in ways similar to the hordes of people sleeping on the sidewalk waiting for the next iPhone release. Veterans of the industry might tell you that POS software fabricated as an iPad POS will never run your store in the manner in which it should and that the system cannot provide the necessary data you need to run your store. They may be right.

Point of sale systems are powerful tools, and when used properly they can drive revenue and help retailers make great business decisions. True point of sale software isn’t just a glorified cash register. It is a powerful tool that manages customers inventory and vendors, integrates with bookkeeping, e-commerce and marketing systems, and more. Well-designed POS Systems provide critical data regarding your operation such as historical sales data, customer buying habits, and hot items. They also alert you to low inventory levels, have multiple discounting abilities that range in complexity, support gift card and reward programs, and more. If you want to keep up with the Jones’ like you said, you cannot go without these features.

We recommend that you dig deep if you are considering an iPad POS for anything other than its looks. Here at POSIM, we suggest taking a look at our point of sale software. The key is that the iPad is just one component of the full POSIM system rather than it being the core. All high-level functionality is retained because the iPad is a dependent of the main POS software. Those that use iPOSIM can still get the “cool factor” while maintaining the horsepower needed to run a practical retail store.