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/ 4.25.2019 / Retailer of the Month

What It Takes To Be A Leading
Fashion Boutique

You might be living under a rock if you’re female and never heard of Apricot Lane. In 2007, the women’s fashion and gift boutique opened its first of many doors. Fast forward to today, as they have grown to more than 75 franchise locations with plans to open 15-20 more shops each year.

POSIM has been Apricot Lane’s choice for point-of-sale and inventory management since inception. In an article from 2018 in Franchising Today, they expressed that POSIM’s price point, along with their stellar support, has been a perfect fit for them over the years and an invaluable tool in sustaining Apricot Lane’s success. They love the software’s ease of use, along with the powerful and custom online reporting. On their website, they stated, “POSIM helps provide our stores with the reliable tools we expect for our franchise system and employees.”

A closer look at Apricot Lane Boutique—Folsom, CA.

The former employee and now owner, Chani Courtright, jumped at the chance to buy the women’s boutique when it first came up for sale. “I couldn’t let a stranger buy our store!” she recalls thinking at the time.

After starting out as a part-time employee at Apricot Lane, her love for all things fashion and shopping gave her the confidence she needed to take the leap and become a small business owner.

Located in an outdoor lifestyle center, Apricot Lane Folsom has gained a reputation as a unique and trendy clothing boutique to find one-of-a-kind and limited-edition items at reasonable prices.

They offer a hands-on yet personal shopping experience with expert buyers finding a large number of inventory items in-house but in limited quantities. Customers know that if they wait too long to buy an item, there’s no guarantee it will be there next week.

Apricot Lane’s core customer base is between the ages of 20-45, but as Chani says, “Girls as young as 14 and women in their 70s still come in to shop on a regular basis.”

When it comes to marketing and sharing new merchandise images and details each week, Chani reports, “We use social media to show all the new things that come in, as well as hiring local influencers to promote their products online.”

We asked, ”What made Apricot Lane choose POSIM point of sale?”

According to Chani, “POSIM provides customizable features and makes it easy to ring up customers quickly.” She further stated that in the last couple of years, they’ve been able to keep better track of their inventory by adding more details to item cards. But, her favorite POSIM feature is the ability to run a variety of daily reports—helping her keep a close eye on how they’re doing as a business. On top of all that, “the technical support team is always quick to respond and work with us on whatever we need.” says Chani.

Why we love shopping at and working with Apricot Lane.

The team at POSIM are big fans of Apricot Lane, with some of our staff shopping there every chance that they get. If you have never stopped in, but enjoy boutiques with unique items, you will likely spend quite a bit of time in Apricot Lane. The brick-and-mortar stores are beautiful and the staff always provides an exceptional customer experience. Apricot Lane is truly a remarkable fashion boutique which has allowed them to achieve retail success over the years.


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