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How OS X Yosemite May Affect Your PayStream

POSIM and PayStream are both compatible with the new Apple Operating System Yosemite (10.10). However, you will need to re-install PayStream to process credit cards, but don’t worry – this process is relatively quick and easy to perform.

After you’ve upgraded to Yosemite, you will need to download the latest version of Paystream (4.0.10) available from POSIM’s website. You’ll need to fill out the contact information, check the authorization box, and then select “send.” Simply double click the. DMG file and install PayStream on your POSIM server.

(Please note that PayStream may be run on any of your computers, but we recommend to keep it on the same computer as your POSIM database.)

Once you’ve completed the re-install of PayStream, you will need to install Oracle’s Java JDK 8u25.

Once the page has loaded, you’ll need to accept Oracle’s Agreement, and click on the download for “Mac OS X x64.” Please download and install the. DMG. Once both of these installs are done, just simply reboot your Mac and you’ll be ready to process credit cards as normal.

And, if you run into any issues or would like a support tech to complete these tasks for you, you may of course contact POSIM Tech Support. Schedule an appointment to avoid potential wait times in our tech support call queue by sending your information and requested contact day and time by email at If you would like to call us, feel free to use our toll-free number at 800-409-7678.

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POSIM Mac os x yosemite may affect your paystream


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